How to Use Acupuncture Pen Properly

If you’re looking for a way to experience the benefits of acupuncture from the comfort of your home, an acupuncture pen might be the solution. Acupuncture pens use lasers or electrical stimulation to mimic traditional acupuncture treatments. This portable device offers many benefits, including pain relief, improved sleep, and relaxation.

In this article, we’ll explore the many benefits of using an acupuncture pen and tips on how to use it properly to ensure the best results.

What is an Acupuncture Pen?

A portable gadget, an acupuncture pen employs lasers or electrical stimulation to simulate acupuncture. The advantages of conventional acupuncture are duplicated, yet needles aren’t required. In addition, several acupuncture pens are sold with extra attachments that expand their usefulness.

Benefits of Using an Acupuncture Pen

There are many benefits to using an acupuncture pen. Some of the benefits include:

Pain Relief

Acupuncture can provide excellent pain relief, and acupuncture pens are no exception. They can help alleviate chronic pain, muscular pain, and joint pain.

Improved Sleep

Acupuncture can improve the quality of your sleep, and acupuncture pens can help you achieve a better night’s sleep. By relaxing the mind and body, acupuncture pens can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.


Acupuncture pens can help you relax by reducing stress and anxiety. They are also helpful in relieving symptoms of mental disorders like PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

Improved Blood Circulation

Acupuncture pens can help improve blood circulation, leading to many benefits, such as increased energy levels and reduced inflammation.

Weight Loss

Acupuncture pens can help promote healthy weight loss by targeting specific acupuncture points that can help regulate metabolism and reduce appetite.

Treating Various Conditions

Acupuncture pens can help treat many conditions, such as menstrual cramps, sinusitis, headaches, and tinnitus.

How to Use an Acupuncture Pen

Before you use an acupuncture pen, it’s essential to determine your target areas. It would help if you researched the acupoints that correspond to your specific needs. Once you’ve identified your target areas, follow these steps:


Make cautious about sterilizing your acupuncture pen before each use. If more than one person will be using it, this is crucial. It would help if you also cleaned your hands and the workspace.

Apply Cream or Gel

Most acupuncture pens require that you apply a conductive cream or gel to the area. This helps ensure that the acupuncture pen is as effective as possible and soothes the skin throughout the treatment.

Use the Acupuncture Pen

Now, you can use your acupuncture pen in the desired area. Different acupuncture pens require various procedures, so make sure to read the manual before using the device. Generally, it would help to hold the acupuncture pen perpendicularly to the acupuncture point when using it. Start with a lower frequency to ensure that you don’t experience any unwanted side effects.

Tips and Tricks

  • It’s best to keep the gadget away from vast sections of skin.
  • Be gentle when moving the device around.
  • Don’t hold for too long.
  • Use the same points.

Is Acupuncture Pen Dangerous?

To a large extent, acupuncture pen use is risk-free. They are powered by electricity should be kept in mind, though. Ensure you’re using them properly and give them the respect they deserve. If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort, it’s best to see a doctor to be sure it isn’t a sign of something more severe before using an acupuncture pen.

How Often to Use Acupuncture Pen

You should use your acupuncture pen on the same acupuncture point three to five times daily. You’ll get the benefit without risking unpleasant side effects if you take this amount. If the treatment makes you dizzy, however, you should reduce the frequency with which you use the pen. It’s best to wait at least an hour after eating, drinking, or exercising before getting an acupressure treatment.

Where Not to Use Acupuncture Pen

It’s best to avoid massaging the neck or other places dense with nerves and blood vessels. It doesn’t mean you can’t use your acupuncture pen there; just be careful. Acupuncture pen contact should also be avoided in areas where edema is present. Don’t apply too much pressure or utilize too high of a frequency if you’re feeling unusually sleepy or your skin is very sensitive.

Side Effects

Using an acupuncture pen is safe and has few negative effects. There are, however, a few uncommon adverse effects that novices should be aware of. For instance, if you have symptoms such as dizziness, lightheadedness, or nausea, you should discontinue or significantly limit the frequency of your acupuncture pen use. Remember that the effects of acupuncture, whether traditional or electrical, vary from person to person. Stay on the lookout for symptoms of any negative reactions, and seek medical attention if necessary.


Acupuncture pens are a safe, convenient, and effective way to experience the benefits of acupuncture from the comfort of your home. You can use your acupuncture pen safely and effectively by following the tips and tricks outlined in this article. Always consult your doctor before using any new medical device, and proceed with caution if you’re new to using an acupuncture pen. However, with regular use, you can experience the many benefits of acupuncture and improve your overall health and well-being.